2021 Annual General Meeting

Date: October 21st , 2021

Location: Online via Zoom

In attendance:

Board of Directors 2021:

Maria Tandoc - President

Fawzi Mattar - Vice President

Rosie Pecoraro - Treasurer and Round Robin

Lori Fonger - Tournament

Tanya Porcellato - Junior Development

Edward Li - Round Robin and House Leagues

Michelle Gagnon – Social



Dean Porcellato


General Members:

Stephan Stepanic


Proxies: Appendix A


11 proxies appointed to Maria Tandoc, President

1 proxy appointed to Jay Tharayil, Treasurer

1 proxy appointed to Tanya Porcellato Junior Development


Regrets- Robert Plesa - House League

     Wendy Dhahovzal - Communication/Secretary



CALL TO ORDER by President Maria Tandoc at 7:08 pm


Motion to Approve Agenda

● No new business stated


Motion to Approve Agenda -Michelle

Motion Seconded -Rosie

Results of Vote:

In favor - 100%

Opposed - 0%

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 



Motion to approve minutes -Michelle

Motion Seconded -Fawzi


Results of Vote:

In favor - 100%

Opposed - 0%

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 



● Update by Maria Tandoc, President -copy included

● Increased number of members, more juniors and new members

● Created online court booking system

● Implemented singles ladder program and “Find a Partner” Program 


Motion to approve report -Fawzi

Motion seconded -Michelle


Results of Vote:

In favor - 100%

Opposed - 0%

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 




Motion to approve report -Edward

Motion seconded -Michelle 


Results of Vote:

In favor - 100%

Opposed - 0%

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 



All board positions below were uncontested.

President – VACANT

Past President – Maria Tandoc

Vice President – Fawzi Fatter – RETURNING

Treasurer - Rosie Pecoraro - RETURNING

Communications/ Secretary – Wendy Drahovzal RETURNING

Membership - Edward Li  RETURNING

Tournament - Lori Fonger- RETURNING

Junior Development – Tanya Porcellato - RETURNING

Social – VACANT

House Leagues (2) – Robert Plesa - RETURNING

Lakeshore League – VACANT


Motion to adjourn - Lori

Motion seconded - Michelle 


2022 Program

Maria reviewed the proposed 2022 program which is still dependent upon the City’s Covid guidelines/protocols.

● Doubles and Singles House Leagues

● Singles Ladder

● Find a Partner Program (Player Connect)

● Drop in Round Robins - Tuesdays and Fridays

● Lakeshore League

● Junior Intercounty League

● Tournaments

● Fun Fair / Clinics

● Allow Guests (fees to be determined)

● Social Event(s)

● We will look into adding a 55+ Intercounty league during the day. 



One member asked to have access to clubhouse when a board member is not at the courts. The board has discussed this and suggested having a port-o-let for them to use. It would cost about $700 for the season. The board does not feel that the clubhouse can be left open unsupervised. Rosie mentioned that we normally have programs every evening of the week so it would be open then. If we had an attendant for 20 hours a week, it would cost us about $6000. This decision will be looked at by the 2022 board.


Another member today asked if those playing doubles are fully vaccinated. We will defer this to next season and will follow the guidelines provided by the city of Mississauga.


Fawzi mentioned that the new locking system has worked well. Our costs for next season will be lower since we will not have to purchase keys for all the members.


We should take down the screens soon since it is becoming cold and we do not want to store them when they are wet. We will shoot for the last week of October. Rosie will start taking the screens down with help from the Round Robin on October 26th , if the weather cooperates. Rosie will send out an email to advise the board if/when she will start.


We need to ask the city to shut water off.


Fawzi asked if the city has responded to our queries about the repairs that are needed at the club. Sharlene told Maria to be patient because they do not have as much staff as usual. A roofer will be coming soon to see if it need repairs. Maria asked for them to move the spout that is draining onto the tennis courts. Maria will contact the city again next week. Edward noticed that some of the workers leave the interior door unlocked/open when they leave. Maybe that is how the raccoon entered. 


Stephan won the men’s singles ladder.


Renata won the women’s singles ladder.


Maria acknowledged Jay for all his hard work especially with membership and the website for the past few years. She also acknowledged Michelle for helping with the committee this season. Everyone thanked Maria for all of her hard work and dedication especially with dealing with the city to make all the improvements at the club including the courts and fencing.


Adjournment @ 7:46 pm