2022 Annual General Meeting  

Date: October 23rd, 2022 

Location:  Springfield TC Clubhouse 


In attendance:   

Board of Directors 2022: 

Maria Tandoc – Acting President 

Lori Fonger - Tournaments 

Tanya Porcellato - Junior Development 

Edward Li – Memberships / House Leagues 

Wendy Drahovzal – Communications/Secretary 



Dean Porcellato  


General Members: 

Jay Tharayil, Mark Chan, Stefan Kutas, Dan Dukaczevski, Eugene Goh, Sujhit Singh, Ereny Matt, George Winter, Saad Khan, Karen Bygnes, Ren Abcede, Tania Surmach, Anatoli Roussiaev, Vik Punshi 


Proxies:  Appendix A 


12 proxies appointed to Maria Tandoc, Acting President  



Robert Plesa - House League  

Fawzi Mattar - Vice President 

Rosie Pecoraro - Treasurer and Round Robin 



CALL TO ORDER by President Maria Tandoc at 3:00 pm 



1. Welcome - Maria  

2. 2021 AGM minutes 

3. Membership Report - Ed  

4. Financial Report – Maria for Rosie  

5. House leagues Report – Dean for Fawzi  

6. Tournament Report - Lori 

7. Junior Development Report - Tanya  

8. MEMBER'S Voices  



Motion to Approve Agenda 

  • No new business stated. 

Motion to Approve Agenda - Tanya 

Motion Seconded - Jay 

Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain – 0% 

Motion passed. 



Motion to approve minutes - Dan 

Motion Seconded - Jay 


Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 


Membership Report 

  • Update by Ed Li, President - copy included  

  • 246 of members, 64 juniors, total 310 


Motion to approve Membership Report - Dan 

Motion seconded - Jay 

Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 



Net income $12,998.64 

Surplus $50,000 


Motion to approve report - Dan  

Motion seconded - Jay 

Results of Vote: 

In favor - 100% 

Opposed - 0% 

Abstain - 0% 

Motion passed. 


House Leagues Report – Dean for Fawzi  

1st year back after Covid pause, HL were very popular. Singles league was played with 25 players on Wednesday night, ran quite well, 2 SL champions in attendance of AGM (Jay for last year, Vik for this year). Doubles HL had 3 sessions of 7 weeks; 24 players participated. Feedback was very good, there were no issues with no-shows. Top three players on points: Neil, Will, Eugene 

New this season: Adult Lessons in May and June – 10 in attendance each month 


Tournament Report - Lori  

2 tournaments scheduled – 1 canceled, not enough players registered 

Successful Singles tournament – Ran over 2 days (Sat, Sun) 

Winner: Alim Ravjiani 


Junior Development Report - Tanya  

Successful Season.  

School program run for St. Gerard and Springfield schools – Tennis Everyone staff taught tennis during gym classes. Flyer was sent home with all juniors advertising STC. 

Junior League, and Junior Tennis Lessons / Camps were all very successful. 

Credit Woodlands HS used courts in the fall twice a week.  

In May and June – Junior Intercounty (run by Wayne McAllister) 


MEMBER'S Voices  

  • Lighting – There should be more lights on courts 1 & 4, we need to have all lights checked. City should be replacing the lights per their schedule next year. 
  • The club held 5 open houses – which contributed to increased membership. 
  • An automatic gate code was put in place with successful results. 
  • Question about lights switched earlier on the weekends – lights can be switched back on (switch is located by the club door), the lights are otherwise on an automatic timer to go off at 11 pm. 
  • An incident with a new member resulted in returning the membership fee and changing the gate code. If anything like that should happen, call 311 for City to de-escalate.  
  • Also, kids were getting on the courts, so we changed the code for that reason as well.  
  • The clubhouse is fixed after the vandalism that occur 2 years ago. Leak in the roofing was fixed before this season started. 
  • Question from a member in regard to acquiring a defibrillator. This requires the machine to be audited and maintained. We will inquire with the City.  
  • Question from a member in regard to pickleball and pickleball lines on the court. The City has a Pickleball Association; City had scheduled a pickleball event earlier this year, but the event did not run. This season the Executive voted against pickleball.  
  • A suggestion was made to update the Club constitution to eliminate the position of Lakeshore League coordinator. 



All board positions below were uncontested. Positions were acclaimed. 

President – VACANT 

Past / Acting President – Maria Tandoc 

Vice President – Fawzi Fatter – RETURNING  

Treasurer - Rosie Pecoraro – RETURNING  

Communications/ Secretary – Wendy Drahovzal  RETURNING 

Membership – Edward Li RETURNING 

Tournaments – Vik Punshi 

Junior Development – Tanya Porcellato - RETURNING 

Social – VACANT  

House League (2) –  Mark Chan 

House League (2) –  Ereny Matta 



Motion to adjourn - Lori 

Motion seconded - Dan 


Adjournment @ 3:59 pm